Caribbean street party to break down stress

J'Ouvert flyer posted around the campus of Western Carolina University.

J’Ouvert flyer posted around the campus of Western Carolina University.

Western Carolina’s Student Appreciation week is bringing a little taste of Caribbean ‘Carnival’  on Friday, April 22, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the picnic area.

J’Ouvert is a large street party held during ‘carnival’ season that is normally celebrated early in May in the Eastern Caribbean region where they party from sun down to sun up.

The Department of Intercultural Affairs will be bringing this cultured event to campus to help spread the knowledge of Caribbean culture in a fun and enjoyable way.

“In Intercultural Affairs we celebrate all culture, so I was thinking, how do I give the campus an opportunity to not only celebrate but learn about the Caribbean community? I came up with this concept of “J’Ouvert” because in South Florida, where I’m from, they have a Caribbean party to celebrate the ‘carnival season’ due to being so close to the Caribbean from South Beach. I decided to bring that concept to the mountains of Western Carolina,” said Kham Ward, director of Intercultural Affairs.

Ward added that the Student Government Association is co-sponsoring the event.

The event will feature two DJ’s, Caribbean style DJ G.O. from South Beach and American style DJ Phoenix from New York.

Upon coming to this event there will be powdered paint because of it being a ‘paint theme’ party, water balloons for the water element of the party, t-shirts and Caribbean food.

“The Caribbean food will feature jerk chicken, curry chicken, rice and peas, curry potatoes and plantains that will give you the feel of a true Caribbean meal,” said Holly Stillman, administrative support associate for Intercultural Affairs.

The goal for J’Ouvert is to become an annual event for years to come at Western, depending on student turnout and response to the event, and also give students a fun way to blow off some steam before exams.