A unique twist on coffee shop music

Photo of Dan Henig at Western Carolina University on Feb. 9, 2016. Photo by Will Richards.

Photo of Dan Henig at Western Carolina University on Feb. 9, 2016. Photo by Will Richards.

” To the windows, to the walls. To the sweat drop downs my b***s, To all these b*****s crawl. To all skeet skeet motherf*****s, all skeet skeet god d**n”

This is how Dan Henig entertained an audience of around 30 people in UC Illusions, on Feb. 9, during his coffee house concert.

Henig’s music is an interesting twist to what normal acoustic music is, he plays cover such as “Get low”, “Drunk In Love”, “Move Bitch” and “Cruisin in my 64.”.  The music adds up to an interesting turn of reactions, and leaves the audience in awe with the unexpected covers.

“Just to warn you I do use foul language every once in a while, but college campuses are great places for foul language. I did one of the songs tonight at a coffee shop and an older women around 70 years old got up and walked out in the middle of it. It felt good!” Henig explained after he played several of his songs.

For an hour the room was at nonstop laughter with hearing the easy listening covers and creative twist to modern songs. With the end of every song it was a wild guessing game of what song could be next. Students didn’t seem to mind the profanity. In fact, Having the vulgar words and lyrics didn’t stop the students from laughing, but actually caused it.

“He’s really good. My favorite cover tonight was probably ‘Get Low’ it was funny and that’s one reason why it went so well and the reactions were really good too,” said student Courtney Smith.

At one point Henig asked for volunteers in the concert. He asked for their phones. Two students had their recent text read and created into a song. The text based songs caused a loud roar of laughter from text to text being sung, and was ‘being eaten up’ by the students from a story being unfolded from different interesting text conversations.

Want a taste of his concert? Here is a snip bit of what it’s like at his shows.