Snow removal on campus after Jonas

Outside the OSU. Photo by WCJ

Outside the OSU. Photo by WCJ

Bradley Lucore contributed to this story.

After the winter storm Jonas, Western Carolina University’s maintenance team are working hard at making the campus safe again. There are still many snowy/icy spots in and around WCU’s campus.

Lee Smith, Director of Operations and Maintenance, received some complaints about certain areas of the campus that are still slippery. Theses area include the Old Student Union and the Health and Human Science Building. Smith said he was unaware of the obstructions and woulds send people as soon as possible.

Cale Wilson, works for grounds maintenance at WCU, told us about the process of snow removal on campus, “We focus on main streets and getting access to buildings for emergency services. Then we focus on the food service areas and then we do the dorms. It’s all being done simultaneously though.”

Wilson estimated about 18 people were placed around the campus to focus on snow removal. With classes resuming today, students are walking around campus avoiding the icy patches.

Cale Wilson shoveling snow. Photo by Hunter Bryn

Cale Wilson shoveling snow. Photo by Hunter Bryn

Patricia Robinson, senior at WCU, describes the stair case from Madison, “They aren’t that bad. In the middle section you have to hold on to the rails to make sure you don’t fall. Overall though, it isn’t too bad.”

Grounds maintenance will continue to work on salting the campus and removing the snow. In the mean time be cautious where you step and stay safe.



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