WCU football wins homecoming game


The stands were packed to watch the Catamounts play. Photo by Hunter Bryn

Troy Mitchell, quarterback for Western, had 352 passing yards, 45 rushing yards, and two touchdowns and Corey Holloway, running back for Western, added another 50 yards on the ground and two more touchdown as the Western Carolina Catamounts (5-2) beat the Samford Bulldogs (3-4) 56-36 Saturday, Oct.24.

Detrez Newsome, running back for Western, had 69 rushing yards and added a touchdown in Western’s win.

The Catamount’s receivers Steffon Hill and Tyler Sexton combined for 221 total yards and Karnooris Benson added two more receiving touchdowns.

The fourth quarter of the game was a pure shootout where both teams kept on scoring. In the fourth quarter alone both teams had scored a total of 41 points.

The wildest play of the game was in the fourth quarter when the Bulldogs failed an onside kick and Spearman Robinson, wide receiver for Western, ran it back 49 yards for a touchdown.

Devlin Hodges, Samford’s Quaterback, threw for 399 yards and three touchdowns and ran another 94 yards on the ground.

See game review in the video story by Connor Mills and Bradley Lucore.