Pop! and suspense at WCU Hoey theater

Pop! Who shot Andy Warhol

Michael Gallagher and cast as they sing the final song, “The Philosophy” of Andy Warhol. Photo by Dustin Whitehead, during dress rehearsal.

A single brown paper bag sits silently on the stage, a man walks up to it and declares it nothing, declares it art. The stage flashes and a gunshot rings throughout the theater. Andy Warhol has been shot and ladies and gentlemen, we have a musical and a mystery to uncover.

Western Carolina University’s School of Stage and Screen put on a production of the musical “Pop! (Who Shot Andy Warhol)” in Hoey Auditorium this past weekend. The play was directed by the School’s  program director of theater, Claire Eye.

Andy Warhol, a famous artist from the 1960s, referred to as the father of Pop Art was played by Michael Gallagher. Each character of the play desperately wanted Warhol’s approval in some way and devoted their selves  for something that was ultimately unobtainable.

Pop 2

Michael Gallagher (Andy Warhol) and Alex Drost (Candy Darling) pose for promotional shot. Photo by Dustin Whitehead.

Mason Dellinger, a BA acting student and member of the props crew, says, “I think the audience can learn not to invest themselves so heavily into another person [through watching this play].”

WCU’s production of Pop! was also able to work with its author Maggie-Kate Coleman, who was present on the opening night of the play. Coleman was in contact with the cast during the production. WCU’s actors and production crew were able to bring to life this world that Andy Warhol created. A world where nothing is valued above all else, where nothing was the most beautiful thing that could exist.

Dellinger says, “Being able to have the writers see the show was a cool experience… Having Maggie-Kate Coleman come see the show and share what she thought of it was an honor, and it’s not something you get to do very often.”