What happened to student media?

Western Carolina University’s student media, managed by the Department of campus activities, pulls $41,770.50 in student wages alone. TV62, the television station, collects $17,425 and The Western Carolinian, a traditional newspaper, collects $21,995.50 in student wages.

WCU students pay for the student media through their required fees. Specifically, part of the $286 student activity fee goes to the media they don’t use. For a full breakdown of student media and other activities expenses click here.

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Video by Calvin Inman, Kayla Minion and Bradley Lucore.

The Western Carolinian held an interest meeting on Friday, Sept. 25, in the Coulter building. Dr. Mary Adams, the faculty adviser, said they will select a new editor. She is also bringing the former editor to teach the staff how to perform day-to-day operations for the paper.