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Artist in Residence program brings Asheville Symphony to WCU

Dramatic, sweet, hair-raising, emotional—all of these words can be used to describe the music in the air at Western Carolina University’s Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center (BAC) on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The Asheville Symphony again joined forces with WCU’s School of Music in a long-standing musical tradition that is Artist in Residence. The program […]

Campus lecture discusses Ukraine’s role in the Holocaust

Today’s society makes it difficult to picture a time when families were removed from their homes, separated from each other, forced into labor camps and often brutally murdered. Stories told by Holocaust survivors and scholars help us envision the horrifying events that plagued Eastern Europe just over 70 years ago. Waitman Wade Beorn presented his […]

Mountain Heritage Day – celebrating the diversity of the mountains

Fans of WCU’s Mountain Heritage Day festival flocked to the campus intramural fields for a day of family-friendly fun and entertainment. This 41st annual event celebrated cultural diversity and traditions unique to the people of the mountains with music, workshops, hayrides, cultural demonstrations and more on Saturday, Sept. 26. After forecasts called for rainy conditions […]

Despite the weather traditional MHD 5k race was successful

Western Carolina University’s biggest event of the year, Mountain Heritage Day, starts with a 5k race hosted by the Sport Management Association (SMA). Dr. Charlie Parrish and the SMA met outside the Stillwell science building at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26. Their goal was to get as many runners as possible to participate in […]

What happened to student media?

Western Carolina University’s student media, managed by the Department of campus activities, pulls $41,770.50 in student wages alone. TV62, the television station, collects $17,425 and The Western Carolinian, a traditional newspaper, collects $21,995.50 in student wages. WCU students pay for the student media through their required fees. Specifically, part of the $286 student activity fee goes […]

Album Review: Ryan Adams – 1989

There are two possible outcomes when an artist covers another artist: it’s either going to be a huge success, or it’s going to be ultra-forgettable. I can’t tell you if Ryan Adams’ 1989 will truly break into pop culture, but I can tell you that it’s not going to be forgotten quickly. Adams pulled apart […]