Tim Montana and the Shrednecks visit Cullowhee

Tim Montana and the Shrednecks playing their hit single. Photo by Temi Adeleye

Tim Montana and the Shrednecks playing their hit single. Photo by Temi Adeleye

Western Carolina students came out to the University Plaza to enjoy the southern rock styles of Tim Montana and the Shrednecks.

The band played songs ranging from country and rock to pop and hip-hop as well as their many hit singles. About 500 students visited the concert, some hung out with friends on the steps while others hula -hooped.

Tim Montana and the Shrednecks visited from Nashville, Tenn., and were very excited to hang out with the students.

“Tonight was fun and I hope to see you all again,” said lead vocalist Tim Montana as he left for the night.

Representatives from Last Minute Productions (LMP) thinks the performance went really well and are happy that the students enjoyed the concert.

“They were great guys. It was refreshing to be around artists that could make a joke about anything,” David McWhirter, LMP staff member , said.

Last Minute Productions brought Tim Montana and the Shrednecks for the Week of Welcome but promise for great events scheduled throuhout the rest of the school year.