Students say goodbye to two local favorites

Two local establishments have closed their doors, one for a little bit, the other for good.

As of midnight on April 27, the Cullowhee historic establishment “Bob’s Mini Mart” and “Nick and Nate’s” in Sylva closed down.

Bob's Mini Mart closed April 26. Photo by Barrett Boyles.

Bob’s Mini Mart closed April 26. Photo by Barrett Boyles.

Due to the fire that plagued Subway, Rolling Stone Burrito, and Mad Batter last year, there were continuous rumors circulating about the future of “Bob’s Mini Mart.” In January 2015, the school released a plan to put a “mixed-use” facility on the strip where Bob’s is currently located.

At an open forum, held April 27, several members of administration said that this building will be a mix of student housing and retail. As of Monday, Bob’s closed down and will be demolished to make room for the new building.

Mike Byers, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, hopes that construction on the new building will start in May or June.

“There are only two times to open a dorm, August and August,” said Byers underlying that this building will be open by the start of fall semester 2016.

As far as the future for Bob’s, employee Ashley Lotter said that “Bob’s will be back, open for business in August 2016.”

Nick and Nates now closed as of April 26. Photo by Barrett Boyles.

Nick and Nates now closed as of April 26. Photo by Barrett Boyles.

“Nick and Nate’s,” another local favorite, closed down unexpectedly after the manager released the closing date to the public via Facebook on March 31, 2015.

The Facebook post stated that Nick and Nate’s would close on April 26 and would be moving to Franklin under the name J. Allen’s. There is still a “Nick and Nate’s” location in Waynesville but it is unknown whether or not that location will remain open.

This move will be difficult for employees of the Sylva “Nick and Nate’s” because now their commute will change from just a few minutes to 45 minutes.

“It stinks that I have to drive 45 minutes to work, but it’s worth it. I like the people that I work with and I wouldn’t think about getting a job anywhere else,” employee, Kayla Brookshire, said.

WCU is growing and changing. Life goes on, and before we know it things will be back to normal once we get over the heartbreak of these losses to our local community. Hear some of the reactions from WCU students.