The weather won’t keep the locals down

The weather called for a 92 percent chance of rain, but the people of Sylva still brought out their guitars, grills and their mountain attitudes on Saturday, April 25, to celebrate Earth Day.

Downtown Sylva celebrates The Greening up the Mountains. Photo by Hunter Bryn

Downtown Sylva celebrates The Greening up the Mountains. Photo by Hunter Bryn

The Greening up the Mountains festival is a local tradition, that’s been running for 18 years, in Sylva to celebrate the coming of spring. It always take place on the fourth Saturday in April.

The festival is full of live music from multiple stages set up all over Downtown Sylva. Music rang through the streets from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. The musical talent came from local artist like Jackson County’s JAM, Porch 40 and French Broads. Between each musical guest Lions Gate Academy put on kung fu routines.

“This is my first time at the festival, but it’s amazing. I love the smells of funnel cake that fills the air and that no matter where you are in the festival you can hear music,”Hannah Whitehead, student at Western Carolina University, said.

There were many venders out at the festival trying to sell their products or just out to share the experience. The vendors ranged from the police station giving out free “keep sober and carry on” t-shirts to a Full Spectrum Farm trying to sell merchandise.

Later in the day the clouds shifted and the blue skies came out.

“I come to Sylva often, but I never knew how cool the community is. Everyone is so nice, plus the sun is coming out which makes this day so much better,” Meg Cook, a visitor of Sylva, said.

Greening up the Mountains

Next year the festival will be on the fourth Saturday of April. So go ahead and mark it down on your calendars, that you’ll be in Downtown Sylva enjoying a funnel cake and jamming to some good local tunes.