Pike suspended again on allegations of hazing

pikeWestern Carolina University has suspended their recognition of the Zeta Xi (or popularly known as Pike) chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity for a period of five years following violations of the university’s Code of Student Conduct.

The national headquarters of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity followed suit and suspended them on the same date, April 20. In a statement that was emailed to the WCJ editors, the national organization said:

“The Fraternity was notified the Zeta Xi Chapter or individual members may have participated in activities that are inconsistent with the Fraternity’s standards.  During this administrative suspension, the Chapter may not continue to operate except to meet in response to these allegations.”

Chancellor David Belcher in his public statement said that the “behaviors exhibited by members of the Zeta Xi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha are not in any way indicative of the values of Western Carolina University.”

“While we appreciate the many positive contributions that Greek-letter organizations add to campus life, we absolutely will not tolerate behaviors that put the health and safety of students at risk.”

One sorority source, who wished to remain anonymous said, “It is damaging to greek life as a whole.”

The suspension comes after a campus investigation into allegations of hazing and after the completion of appropriate disciplinary procedures. According to the WCU police report, published by the Asheville Citizen – Times the event was reported on Feb. 27, 2015.

In his detailed statement, the student who reported the incident described two events. On Feb.21 while he was at the Tree House Apartments ‘getting to know his Pike brothers’ he was yelled at, slapped in the face and humiliated by some intoxicated active and non-active members of the fraternity. On Feb.26 the student was invited to come to the Peaks Apartments around 11 p.m. to participate in fraternity activities. According to the details from the report, the student was asked to recite the fraternity preamble while water was hosed in his mouth. 

The Zeta Xi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was a recognized student organization that was first chartered in 1965. The chapter was kicked off in 2010 after failing to maintain grade point average requirements and violating policies for social events. Last year, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) board voted to bring Pike back to WCU’s campus. 

Ali Ali, the fraternity’s Internal Vice-President at the time said that if they are allowed back on campus they will “focus on accomplishing scholastic achievement, financial independence, increasing the IFC budget and participating in numerous Greek life events.”

A year later, the same fraternity has been suspended again.

WCU Greek members did not wanted to talk to us on the record. Here is what two members told us.

“I am happy that the people came forward because I think that is why hazing continues because they are too afraid they are going to lose their brothers or sisters if the come forward.”

“I think it’s barbaric that they would think brotherhood means hurting someone,” said the unnamed source, who worries that this incident will affect parents allowing and wanting their children to be in Greek life.