Spring football in full swing

Running, throwing, catching, hitting, blocking and the sled drills everyone loves.

These occurrences can mean only one thing –  football is back!


Western Carolina Football Team. Photo by Janson Silvers.

Spring football officially started for Western on  March 16 and the players wore just helmets and shorts for the first few days. They switched over the helmets, shoulder pads and shorts on March 20.

“In helmets it’s a lot of teaching, it’s a lot of getting the kinks out from a long break,” said head coach, Mark Speir.

The kids are always excited to get the shoulder pads back on and that was evident from the practice that was held on the 20th. Although you cannot tackle when its just shoulder pads, there were some loud pops throughout practice from the players trying to get back into a rhythm and giving each other some friendly hits here and there.

Terryon Robinson catches a football during spring practice. Photo By: Janson Silvers

Terryon Robinson catches a football during spring practice. Photo by: Janson Silvers

Western Carolina University implemented a faster paced practice schedule when Speir got here, and its been increased once again.

The pace was fast, the players were excited, and although everything wasn’t perfect from an execution standpoint the team looked fast, and were working hard.

This is one of the few times in the past 5 years that the defense in particular has retained the same coach as the previous year which is huge for this team. Defense can be one a very confusing side of the ball because every coach that comes in has their own terminology that the team has to learn.

“He’s the perfect coach for us, and having him back is very promising,” said senior linebacker Sertonuse Harris.

Defense wins championships and that is something the Catamounts are hoping to build on.

You can see how well the team has progressed over the spring when they hold their annual spring game at 1 p.m. Sat. April 18.

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