Student Veterans Association prepares for first ever softball season

(Photo provided by SVA President Jeremy Mulloy)

(Photo provided by SVA President Jeremy Mulloy)

The Student Veteran’s Association at Western Carolina University is gearing up for softball season with their first intramural sports team this spring.

The SVA Softball Team will be not only the club’s first softball team, but the first time in SVA history that the club has participated in intramural sports.

SVA was re-started at WCU in Spring 2013 by senior Jeremy Mulloy. Mulloy had returned to school from serving in the military, and saw a void in the veteran college experience that needed to be filled.

“As a veteran myself I understand how hard it can be to integrate into the college life after serving. So much is different and it feels like you are alone amongst all of these people who share neither your past experiences nor your mindset. Most vets tend to keep to themselves, attend classes, go home, do homework and study, then rinse and repeat. Veterans usually make good grades but don’t ever achieve the true “college” experience,” he said.

According to Mulloy, the SVA’s goal is to create a place for these people of common experiences and backgrounds to gather together and be able to easily integrate themselves into campus life through socials, football games, sitting on student government chairs, and now, intramural sports.

“Vets should take part in the club so that even though they may be out of the service, they can still obtain the camaraderie that they had while in. It’s difficult for anyone who hasn’t served to fully understand the culture shock when a veteran is no longer serving and is attempting to re-enter society,” said SVA Vice President, Kristian Hooker.

SVA started a softball team simply because it was a co-rec sport which allowed all members; men and women, to participate, as well as being a low-impact sport.

“I’m hoping this season is a springboard and once everyone starts playing they become encouraged to play more sports. Team sports are a great way to form bonds and lasting relationships,” said Mulloy.

Their softball schedule is expected to be released later in March.

If you or someone you know is a veteran, a dependent of a veteran, or simply a veteran supporter, information about joining SVA is available on the club Facebook page or their page on the WCU website.