School’s out and the kids will play!

Yesterday evening beautiful flakes began to fall as predicted.

Me being a skeptic and knowing Cullowhee weather I of course expected an inch or two, but definitely not the four to eight inches that the meteorologists called for, but boy was I wrong.

Starting around 9 p.m. Western Carolina University students let their inner child take over and took to the snowy landscape for some fun.

Kids were sledding, throwing snowballs, sliding on the roads, and all around having a great time and all the while hoping school would be cancelled.

By about 11:30 p.m., most of us assumed that school would be cancelled since around 5 inches had piled up. I saw around 300 to 400 people throughout the night that were banking on canceled classes.

As of 5:43 a.m., while most were asleep their wishes came true as My Cat sent an email canceling all classes before 5 p.m.

Everyone stay safe and stay off the roads, but keep living it up and letting the kid in you thrive!