Oscar season – What’s your pick?

It’s the time of year where we pay tribute to the best movies of the past year.

This year’s Academy Awards has tons of great movies, actors, actresses, and directors that are nominated. There is a little animosity leading into this year due to the fact that some people believe that the movie Selma was “snubbed.”

Most of that belief comes from the fact that the film’s director Ava Duvernay wasn’t nominated for best director and David Oyelowo wasn’t nominated for best actor for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. Granted, the film is nominated for the nights highest honor in best picture along with a nomination for best song which has already earned a Golden Globe. So was it actually snubbed? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Other films that have earned best picture nominations are:

Boyhood which is a journey of a young man’s life over the span of twelve years. Boyhood was directed by Richard Linklater who has also picked up a best director nomination.

Birdman, the story of a once relevant actor trying to revamp his stardom through Broadway.  Birdman stars Michael Keaton who picked up a best actor nomination for his role as the washed up actor.

American Sniper which was a box office hit has also gained a best picture nomination along with Bradley Cooper who picked up a best actor nomination for his role as the late Chris Kyle.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, a quirky movie about a hotel concierge and his lobby boy on the run from the law after stealing a priceless painting. Directed by Wes Anderson a best director nominee. The Grand Budapest Hotel is an interesting film and deserves recognition.

The Imitation Game starring best actor nominee Benedict Cumberbatch is the story of a genius mathematician and his struggle to try and crack codes during WWII.

Selma, which is the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and his quest to secure equal voting rights by forming a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Whiplash is the story of a talented young drummer who finds his way into an intense music conservatory, where his talents are questioned by his intensely deranged teacher. J.K. Simmons earned a best supporting actor nomination for his role as the deranged music teacher.

The last best picture nomination goes to The Theory of Everything, which chronicles the life and times of the genius Stephen Hawking. Starring as Hawking is best actor nominee Eddie Redmayne along with Felicity Jones who has earned a best actress nomination for her role as Hawking’s wife.

This actually might be the best time of the year for movie buffs. I personally think I like it better than Christmas. I have had the opportunity to see six of the eight films nominated for best picture. I think that Boyhood will take the night’s biggest honor. I also think that Boyhood director Richard Linklater will win best director as well. This film is unlike any other that has ever come out. Having been filmed over the span of twelve years there were plenty of things that could have gone wrong but the risk was worth is due to the acclaim that Boyhood has received. Granted that is just my opinion, other critics think differently on this subject. The Hollywood Reporter’s lead award analyst Scott Feinberg has predicted Birdman to win best picture. Feinberg has been giving his predictions for the Oscars ever since 2001. Robby Collin of the Telegraph has also predicted that Birdman will come away with the best picture Oscar.

While Birdman was completely original and wildly ambitious, I just don’t think that you can disregard how important Boyhood was for the history of cinema. Nothing like it had ever been done before, and could possibly never be imitated. With that being said, and my tangent on Boyhood finally over, I wouldn’t mind if Birdman were to win best picture. Being wrong wouldn’t sting too hard in this situation. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on Oscar Sunday.

The Oscars can be seen Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. on ABC. You can also go to oscar.go.com to get a full list of nominees for every category.