Classes remain on schedule

WCU’s  classes on Feb. 19, in Cullowhee  are on a regular schedule for the day unless the weather takes a turn throughout the day.

Commuting students, faculty and staff should exercise discretion and good judgment in deciding whether to attempt travel with below freezing weather and dangerous sections on roads.

“The Cullowhee Campus is operating on a normal schedule today, however, with the extremely cold temperatures last night, areas on and around campus may be slick due to refreezing of melting snow, ice, etc… Please use caution when traveling on roadways, walking through parking lots, and on sidewalks and stairs,” said the automated MyCat email, sent to all students.

Hazardous ice glazed sidewalks.

Hazardous ice glazed sidewalks.

Any changes to Western Carolina University’s  class schedule will be posted on the university’s weather announcements page and distributed by email. Cat Tran schedule changes will be posted on the same page.

“WCU should have a program put in place that when Jackson co. schools are canceled for inclement weather, professors should automatically have an alternative assignment or option for class so that students and faculty do not have to risk being out in dangerous conditions,” said Bridgette Anderson, WCU student.

Students and faculty need to be aware of slippery spots all throughout campus.  The stairs by the Old Student Union are covered in ice and are very dangerous for anyone to be on.

Shady areas alongside buildings as well as sidewalks are icing back over and the current snow is beginning to stick.

Even though road conditions are currently drivable, if it keeps snowing with such  low temperatures and slippery patches, classes for the evening sessions may need to be canceled for student and faculty safety.

Jackson Co. schools are currently closed.