Asheville Outlet seeks employees, but will students be interested?

The new outlet will be ready May 1, 2015. Photo courtesy of William Woody of the Asheville Citizen Times.

The new outlet will be ready May 1, 2015.
Photo courtesy of William Woody of the Asheville Citizen Times.

It doesn’t matter if it is online or an hour away students will do it.  Every student loves shopping, however, do they love making the money to shop? Well, there will be plenty of opportunities coming to the Asheville area with the opening on the Asheville Outlet.

The general manager of the nearly completed outlet mall, Sharon Morgan says that she knows which retail stores are coming. According to the Asheville Citizens-Times, they are expecting 75 retail stores, a food court and 10 small vendor carts.The outlet is expected to be open on May 1, 2015.

Students are excited for the access to the new outlet. Some say that the mall will offer a lot of different stores and vendors that are usually found in their home towns and are planning to flock the mall on opening day.

However, one thing many people forget to think about is who will be working these stores. These retail stores, restaurants, and vendors need employees. Job listing for retail stores have already been posted to individual websites. Stores like Gap, Vera Bradley, Express, Brooks Brothers and Kay Jewelers are some of the stores that are hiring.

The Asheville Outlets are located off of exit 33 on I-26, just five miles southwest of downtown Asheville and approximately 53 miles from the main Western Carolina University campus. So is it worth the drive?

“If the outlet was a little closer, then maybe I would consider finding a job there. I know it will be a good opportunity,” said WCU student MaryKay Kelly. “Even though it is potentially hundreds of jobs available the expenses would out weigh the experience.”

Many students said that they felt the same way as Kelly. Students stated that the mall would receive a lot of  business from students attending the university, but not that much employment.

But the WCU alumni and recent graduates do not mind the compute. Western graduate George Townsend applied to Banana Republic in hope at fulfilling the management position.

“I believe the commute from here [Cullowhee] to Asheville would be worth the commute,” said Townsend. “However, I do not  believe the opportunity would be as good for full time students.”

Most business are now taking applications, students are encouraged to apply. For more information regarding the new Asheville Outlet Mall opening summer 2015 follow this link.