Sneak peak on the upcoming show FROGZ


The FROGZ! posters are all over the WCU campus.

FROGZ will be coming to Western Carolina University on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

The popular classic FROGZ is a family friendly show filled with mesmerizing masks, mimes and music combined with Cirque du Soleil-evoking acrobatics. Imago’s FROGZ will be exploding onto the Bardo Arts Center stage, bringing projectors, actors and acrobats to the stage.

After talking to Francis Ann Oritz, Assistant Director of Campus Programing and person in charge of this event, this reporter learned what Western Carolina should expect to see from FROGZ.

The mesmerizing movements, ingenious masks, and the outlandish and original music give off an amazing circus atmosphere, performing universal themes that tantalize the senses and brings the audience to the wonderful world of their imagination.

Animals and inanimate objects will take on human characteristics. The penguins will play musical chairs, like any normal child would partake in. Alligators come out and taunt the audience while orbs run wild and the frogs leap around in a wild illusional way creating comedy and fun for everyone.

The show is sophisticated, mind blowing comedy of animals taking on human characteristics and roles, yet it is appealing and entertaining for ages.

“I don’t want to give away too many secrets about the show but those thinking of attending should be ready to expect one of the most eccentric and enthralling shows they have ever seen. The only way to really know what to expect is to come to the show,” said Oritz.

Tickets are currently on sale. A year ago the show was canceled, so be sure to get a ticket and enjoy the unique show that explores every element of the performing arts. Children and student tickets are $5, with all other tickets being $10.

“In my opinion, this is a very unique show for Western to bring here, it is a very unforgettable show for adults and children alike,” said Paul Lormand, theatre manager and director of Bardo Arts Center.