“Spread It Heavy” with Porch 40

From house party to premier venue, Porch 40 is increasing the size of their performances, as well as their unique repertoire. Porch 40 is a college town band taking the local music scene in western North Carolina to a new level.

Andrew Duncan, Carter McDevitt, Spencer Bradley, Scott Burr and Mitchell Metz formed the progressive/funk/rock group in early 2012. Porch 40 has built an impressive reputation, that continues to build with every performance.

“Spread it Heavy,” Porch 40’s first album was released in early September of 2014. Their album can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Since then, they have been ‘spreading it heavy’ across North Carolina and its surrounding states.

The sounds of funky bass lines and mellow violin could be heard bouncing off the buildings located on Western Carolina University’s campus. Their presence at WCU has been known ever since the bands creation. They have played several free shows on the University Center Lawn, offering students and staff an afternoon of live music.

They have supported six different charity/benefit concerts including: Breast Cancer Awareness and the Make a Wish Foundation. Porch 40 has also played at numerous fraternity and sorority philanthropy events throughout the years.

Justin Roper, Porch 40’s Band Manager, said “they’re some of the most talented musicians that I have ever came across in my life, and I wouldn’t put my stamp on Porch 40 if I didn’t think that they have what it takes to ‘make it’ in this industry.”

Roper also said, “It all comes back to the music, and at the end of the day, that will always collectively be our main focus. We have some huge plans for 2015 that we’ll be unveiling in the weeks and months to come, and people are going to see that Porch 40 has arrived on a more regional and national scale.”

Porch 40 is a band that uses being in a small community to their advantage. They average 8 to 12 shows a month, with hopes for even more shows as they get more popular.

Burr said, “Its easier for us to develop a strong following… that we can use to take to the bigger cities.”

According to Roper, Porch 40 is going to create a charity in 2015, with “more details to come in the coming months.”  The members of Porch 40 hope to continue making music as long as possible.

The venues may change, but their intense stage presence and outstanding orchestration remains incomparable. You can find out more about Porch 40 and their upcoming shows on their Facebook page.

Special thanks to: Miles Olsen, Videographers/Photographers, Porch 40, Fans,  Power 90.5