WCU welcomes future Catamounts

Parents and students checking into Ramsey on Sept.20, 2014. Photo courtesy of WCU Open House Committee.

Parents and students checking into Ramsey on Sept. 20, 2014.
Photo courtesy of WCU Open House Committee.

Western Carolina University’s first Open House of the semester welcomed about 1,000 upcoming freshman and their families who are considering whether our school is the right fit for them.

There are four Open houses scheduled throughout the year designed to allow high school seniors the opportunity to explore what the schools and colleges have to offer. Sources from the university say that fall open houses are usually the smallest because there are so many students not sure of where they would like to attend.

WCU Admission Office said that the Open House on Sept.20 did not have a big attendance because other universities held there open house on the same day.  But despite the smaller number they were optimists.

“I believe that from this set there will be a lot of incoming freshman because most of them are pretty excited students,” a tele-recruiter for the Admissions office, Mary Garret says. Garret as well as other tele recruiters and tour guides have been working from morning to evening with helping parents and future Catamounts find where they need to be.

Building Environmental Service Technician Phyllis Franks also agrees that this open house is not the busiest one.

“This maybe the smallest set but spring is crazy!” said Franks.