Hipps and Davis debate education and fracking

jane Hipps3

Jane Hipps is the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat.

Things got heated during a debate in Western Carolina University’s Health and Human Services building.

WCU hosted the debate between the Democratic challenger Jane Hipps and Republican incumbent Jim Davis for the 50th District Senate Seat.

The debate drew lots of attention from the audiences as they debated key topics such as the district’s needs, healthcare, firearm bans, education and fracking. And on most topics, they disagreed.

Fracking received a lot of attention when the two candidates discussed their plans for dealing with the damages on environment. Davis also cited sources in the Obama administration as saying that fracking is not dangerous for the environment.

Hipps and Davis agreed that education is important. Hipps, who had been a teacher for 38 years, called for higher pay for educators and more funding for schools. Davis countered by saying that education is on the rise adding that educators in North Carolina have more benefits than in any point in the state’s history.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is the Republican incumbent for the Senate seat.

Healthcare also attracted a lot of attention during the debate. Davis was against the growth of healthcare, saying that the expanding healthcare was “out of control”.  Hipps had different views on it saying that “healthy people are productive people” and welcomes the new jobs that will come along with the growth.

See the WLOS story on different points on education between Hipps and Davis.

This was the third and final debate held on WCU campus organized by the the Public Policy Institute and the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs.

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