Full Spectrum Farms hosts Easter egg hunt

Full Spectrum Farms helped nearly 30 children from Cullowhee and the area celebrate the Easter holiday on Sunday, April 20, in their second annual Great Easter Egg Hunt.

Egg hunters were invited to eat and drink together.  Photo by Ceillie Simkiss

Egg hunters were invited to eat and drink together.
Photo by Ceillie Simkiss

Norman West, a member of the board at Full Spectrum Farms, was in charge of the event.  “I had one just like this when I was a kid, and this is the perfect place. These kids love it, and I enjoy it,”said West.

In addition to hunting for Easter eggs, children and adults were invited to have a hot dog and drink. Hunters were also offered the opportunity to buy a raffle ticket for one of three items – an original framed watercolor painting by Sterling Edwards and two sets of decorative pottery by local potter Vallyn Johnson.

The raffle for these items will take place on April 26,  at the Greening Up the Mountains Festival in downtown Sylva, NC.

Full Spectrum Farms  is a 34-acre farm in Cullowhee, North Carolina that holds a non-profit organization that serves adults with autism spectrum disorder. Their website states that their goal is to “provide a special model for autism services as a sensory-sensitive, holistic environment with work centering on organic farming and natural craft products” and “provide an opportunity for persons with autism to help support their communities and themselves.”

They provide these opportunities by teaching pottery, woodworking, and growing organic produce. All products that are created by the participants are for sale, and half of the profits go to the participant that created the product.

For more information about Full Spectrum Farms, visit their website or call them at 828-293-2521.


Please note, there is audio in the video below. Photos by Ceillie Simkiss. Slideshow created through Slidely.

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