What is the Maze?

The question that has been all over the Western Carolina Campus has puzzled students for weeks. Finally, they got their answer in a magic show on Feb. 20 in the University Center’s Grand room.

Jim Munroe came to WCU to share his magic, faith and show us what the Maze is.

“I thought it was a unique way to send a powerful message. I found it interesting and relevant,” said Jasmine Chandler, a WCU student.
Munroe described the maze as the life we live. It has many different paths and dead ends, just like life does. He explained that to escape the Maze you must understand the world beyond the senses and that nothing is ever random.

The message was the main purpose for the event. The story was about Munroe’s battle with leukemia and how there was only one person in the world that had the cure for his type of cancer. He found his faith during this experience in his life. Munroe used his magic to show that nothing is random and that everything happens through faith.

Magicians Jim Munroe, Zak Mirzadeh, Daniel Cullen and “COCO” the bear bewildered students with their tricks and message. Munroe was the main performer while Mirzadeh and Cullen came out and did one trick each. “COCO”, the teddy bear, was used to select random students from the audience.

“The entire time we were freaking out,” said Hannah Whitehead, WCU student, who was there with friends.

Munroe had people on the edge of their seats during all of his tricks. In the packed Grand Room, people were reacting with yells of disgust, laughter, and applause when Munroe hammered a nail into his nose to reenact the moment he proposed to his wife.

The Maze show comes from Dallas, Texas, after Munroe blew his arm out playing baseball at the University of Texas. After baseball he followed his passion for magic. By 2009, Munroe had become the most sought out magician. Then he was diagnosed with leukemia and was only given months to live. Today, Munroe is cured from leukemia, wrote his own book, features with I Am Second,a movement to inspire people to live for god, and is the lead of the Maze show.

The CRU, Campus Crusade for Christ, brought Munroe to WCU to encourage people to come to their services. CRU meets on Tuesday’s at 6 p.m. on the second floor of the University Center.