New sisters learning the rules

Sorority membership can be very rewarding, however one must know how to represent not only themselves, but an entire group.

The College PanHellenic Council (CPC) held a seminar in the UC Theater for all new Greek women on Feb. 18.

At the seminar, there was all of the CPC Executive members in attendance to present the information as well as all the new members who in January joined the five sororities at Western Carolina.

There was a presentation to get the 80 new girls involved and to demonstrate what was meant while CPC was talking through points.

The participants saw several videos on how you should not talk to one another and how you do not want to present yourself. One example was of a hate email that made national news from a sorority member hate-firing and bashing her own sister. There was also a video from the movie Legally Blonde expressing qualities learned that can benefit and better you for opportunities in the future that may not be expected.

Brittany Harrison, from the Delta Pi Chi, started by asking everyone “What does Greek life mean to you?” For the new sister at Delta Zeta, Haley Hollifeild, the answer was family.

“Greek life means being apart of a family who all accept you for who you are and being apart of an access to helping the social community,” Hollifeild said.

Abigail Hillson, External Relations, spoke on the philanthropy of CPC explaining the opportunities and responsibilities.
“We are involved in the Circle of Sisterhood where we as sorority women come together to help better and give to each other what one person may not be able to offer, but as a whole we can raise money and give to each other.”

At the end the new members were asked to split apart into groups and mix in with different sororities to talk about what are the best things they have been through so far, what plans they may have, and how becoming a sister has effected them.

Two new Alpha Xi Delta members said, “We were really bad at first, singing and learning the new things, but we are catching on with the help of each other. It is really nice and we are growing a lot.”

Jennifer Williams and Amanda Fishman the CPC advisors, introduced themselves and made it clear that all the new girls knew how to get in touch or where to find them if there were any concerns as they grow to becoming a sister.

The five sororities on Western Carolina’s campus are joined as a whole and all try to build off of each other.