Microsoft announces Xbox One updates

Microsoft announced two new system updates for the Xbox One today, addressing problems with party chat, storage management and to prepare gamers for Titanfall this March.

On February 11, users will be asked to download and install and install the first update as soon as they sign into Xbox Live. The update will include some behind the scenes updates for game and app developers as well as some improvements for the Kinect voice functionality.

The first update will also feature updates for gamers including the ability to manage your install queue, a battery pack indicator, and the ability to see and manage the consoles storage space.

Microsoft also teased that there would be more included in the February update, but didn’t say what they would be.
The second update for the One will come on March 4, and will include new features as well as a change to the current party settings. These updates will be released in anticipation of Respawn Entertainments “Titanfall” which releases on March 11 and will feature a heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay.

You can read Microsofts announcement here.