Wintry weather delays CatTran service, Biltmore classes

WCU sign on Old Cullowhee Rd. during the snowstorm yesterday afternoon. Photo by Ceillie Simkiss.

A snow storm blew into Cullowhee on Tuesday afternoon that may have led students to believe that classes might be cancelled for today. However, Cullowhee campus classes were not cancelled or even delayed to allow for the wintry weather, despite the delay in both the Biltmore Park classes and the beginning of the Cat Tran service this morning.

Biltmore Park classes are on a “late start schedule” and will resume at 10 a.m. today, but the Cullowhee campus classes will proceed as normal.

In the 7:09 a.m. email via MyCat, the Provost stated, “Please use discretion in deciding whether or not to conduct/attend classes this evening.  It is expected that faculty, staff and students will use their best judgments in deciding whether or not the roads are safe enough for transportation.  Faculty providing face-to-face instruction are advised to be prepared with meaningful online/alternative assignments in case they, or their students, are unable to attend classes.  Commuting students are advised to contact their instructors to let them know if conditions are unsafe for them to travel.”

This email also advised students to use extreme caution on Little Savannah Rd., home to many off-campus students as well as the Human Health Sciences (HHS) building. At the time of the email, road crews were treating the road, but there were patches of black ice and slick spots on the road.

The main campus Cat Tran service was reinstated at 8:27 a.m., but the off campus routes, including the HHS Express route, are still not in service due to the road conditions. For more information on what is functioning on and off campus, check the Weather-Related Announcements page.


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