Large dreams for a large man

Day along side of Chris Burke preparing for another Pride of the Mountains Marching Band performance (Photo Credits: Patty Langford)

You cannot miss Alex Day when you see him on WCU’s campus or even during the long practices of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. He is taller than anybody around him but always has a wide smile on his face.

He is also my little brother.

Day is a sophomore at Western Carolina University studying Music Education with a concentration in Tuba. You might wonder why this is important, but the fact that the 7 ft tall student did not allow his diagnosis of Scoliosis, the abnormal curving of the spine, to ruin his passion for music is a pretty big deal.

Day has been playing an instrument for nine years where he has spent countless hours rehearsing and performing. He started out on trumpet when he first learned how to play an instrument and then he switched over to tuba. Now he can play just about any brass instrument that is put in front of him.

Throughout his career so far, he has show cased at multiple Tuba Christmas shows and participated in All-County Band for Rowan County where he represented West Rowan High School of Mt. Ulla, NC and with them he performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.

According to Day, Carnegie Hall could be compared to the super bowl but instead of football, it’s music. It’s a huge deal to be accepted to perform there.

“The performance I did was full of really good high school musicians from all over the place, if I could do it again I would,” said Day

When Day finishes his degree at WCU, he plans to become a middle school band director.

“Music is a joy to be a part of and a great way to meet people. It also makes you smart,” said Day,  and that is why he chose music as his future profession, simply because it’s what he loves to do and it’s what he’s good at.

“Band was where I started fitting in socially and where I found something I was good at that mattered. If I can facilitate a place where kids can experience the same thing , I want to take that opportunity plus, I love working with kids,” Day said.

Day has been known as a “social butterfly” because he loves to talk to everyone and tries to be a friend to everyone he knows.

Day and childhood best friend and fellow music major, Andrew Langford. (Photo Credits: Patty Langford)

“He’s pretty much been there for me ever since I met him; we’ve been the best of friends for almost five years now. He’s also had this love and dedication for music that surpasses pretty much everyone that I’ve ever met,”  said Kennedy Piatt, a freshman at WCU.

According to Day, his  favorite part of being a music major is playing in ensembles under the direction of his professors Dr. Schallock and Mr. Starnes.

He spends most of his free time practicing and working hard to get better because he wants to be the best tuba player he can be.

“He says he lives in Coulter and I believe him as much as he practices,” said Brannigan Barker, a junior at WCU and one of Day’s friends.

If you see Alex Day around campus, he is probably socializing with his peers or working hard to create his ideal future.

“He is always positive and looks for the good in people or in any situation,” Day’s mom, Diane, said.