“Girl Code” stars perform comedy at WCU

Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano host a question and answer session after their solo comedy sessions at WCU. Photo by Cellie Simkiss

MTV “Girl Code” stars Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano performed mature comedy to Western Carolina University’s University Center Grand Room on Nov. 14, 2013 at 8 p.m., to mixed reactions from the crowd.

Last Minute Productions brought the pair to WCU to talk about their very popular show. “Girl Code” is a female-driven, “irreverent” comedy series that was designed to open dialogue about the “wonders and woes of womanhood,” according to the MTV website.

There were roughly 150 people in the audience, and five audience members won the opportunity to go to a meet and greet after the show with Aquilino and Distefano

Distefano performed his stand-up routine first, interacting with the crowd and reacting to the screams from a woman in the crowd asking to meet him in the “third stall in the ladies room,” accompanied with his fairly dirty humor. He performed for roughly an hour and then invited Aquilino to take his place on stage, where she also spoke for about an hour in a similar vein. Afterwards, the pair hosted a question and answer session that mostly revolved around embarrassing instances in their own lives, such as Distefano’s pitiful dirty talk and lack of ability to do his own laundry.

Faces across the mainly female audience showed their discomfort with Aquilino’s greeting the crowd with “There are a lot of sluts in here. You don’t have to tell me – I can tell.”

“It was forced, awkward and horribly offensive,” said Taylor Little, who is a fan of the show, but wasn’t a fan of the pair’s comedy. “Though awkward at times, there were a few good jokes and a few not so good jokes. There’s a way to be funny without being offensive, something both comedians should take into consideration when planning their next performance.”

However, others, such as “third stall girl,” as she was referred to for the rest of the show, seemed to love everything that was coming out of the comedians’ mouths, saying things like “Oh my god, that’s so true!” throughout both comedians’ routines.

The most dynamic stories in their routine were the ones that related to their personal relationship with each other, how they met and had their first date, and with their “Girl Code” costars on the set.

People who were fans of the performance can watch “Girl Code” on Wednesdays at 10 EST on MTV. Fans can also follow the show @GirlCode, or the stars themselves @CarlyAqulino and @ChrisDComedy.

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