WCU Students give back at Blood Drive

Junior Ricky Edwards giving blood, November 2013. Photo by: Tyana Johnson

The American Red Cross hosted a blood drive in WCU’s University Center on November 6 and 7.  Volunteers from the community, especially WCU students came out to donate their time and blood for a good cause.

The Blood drive was sponsored by Sorority Alpha Gamma Delta, who sponsors the drive every three months. Member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Junior Katie Nix, was inspired by all of the college students eager to give blood and help their fellow North Carolinians.

“It possible to save lives, one day you might be in a car accident and need that blood,” Nix said.

WCU students were proud to be giving back, whether it was there first time giving blood or have been doing it since high school. Senior Javario Pegues, has been giving bold for years and wants to do more.

“Today I’m giving because someone out there needs it more than I need it,”the first time donor Ricky Edwards said.

American Red Cross Team Supervisor Angie Williams, says the organization has a blood drive even during the summer months when less students are on campus. Williams who has been with the Red Cross for eleven years says that this blood drive greatly impacts the community but could always use more.

“Donations are down because of age limits and height/weight requirements,” Williams said explaining that you have  to be a certain height and weight if you’re under the age of 19.

The two-day event resulted in 266 pints of blood being donated to the American Red Cross to benefit Western North Carolina and all of America.