Homecoming rewind: WheeWin

The frenzy that was Western Carolina’s 27-24 overtime victory on Homecoming Saturday has since ceased and its only fitting that we reminisce on the only time the Western faithful may be able to go absolutely ballistic all year.

Let me tell you about my vantage point – the best seat in the house as far as I’m concerned.

OK let me provide some context first.  Being a communication major, I have the opportunity to work with other students within my department in a class known as Purple Vision — maybe you’ve heard of us.  As a team, we run all the video and graphics on the scoreboard using five cameras and loads of other equipment.  Two of those cameras are placed on the sidelines of both end zones.

For this particular game, I had the luxury of running one of those cameras.  And it just so happened the game-winning field goal in the overtime session was aimed at my direction.

My fast walk almost turned into a run as I tried to make my way behind the goal post the field goal was hopefully going to end up right down the middle.  I had my camera pointed at the kicker, and as I caught the ball leaving the ground, I made sure I followed it.

And as true as it could have been, the kick split the up rights that rocked E.J. Whitmire Stadium.

What came next isn’t much of a mystery.

Everyone had a different vantage point of the game-winning field goal off the foot of Richard Sigmon.  Everyone celebrated with people that they probably didn’t even know.  It was more or less a game of “hugs all around.”

My guess?  It was more.

But that is the beauty of college football.

And when something of this magnitude happens, Twitter runs rampant.  Here is just a taste of what happened on the social media stage Saturday night.  The “WheeWin” hashtag was only fitting.