iOS-7: What do we have here?

It has been about a month since Apple made iOS 7 available for all of those iPhone gurus out there (including myself). And now that people have had time to digest the new-look update, let’s take a look at the feedback.

Celebrities voiced their thoughts and took to none other than Twitter to make it known. You can check out what some of them said here.

Just after iOS 7 debuted, Business Insider published a story and spelled out “11 complaints about iOs 7.” Check it out here to see the new interface attributes people can’t stand.

SPOILER ALERT: The battery life, or lack thereof, was complaint number one.

Well, not much of a spoiler because iPhones are notorious battery suckers.

Let’s check the Twitter facts courtesy of a Western Carolina student:

How about a more displeasing taste to iOS 7 from yet another college (not WCU) student?

And more Twitter facts:

Twitter is quite a different universe compared to other social media hubs. Take “iPhoneProblems” for example. This is a Twitter account that tweets only iPhone problems and it had a field day with iOS 7. And it has almost 35,000 followers. Not to mention that there are multiple accounts with various names all dealing with iPhone problems.

Here are more Twitter facts brought to you by ‘iPhoneProblems:”

As you can see, more people are turned off by the update. Funny right? iOs 7 was supposed to be the next big thing, but it hasn’t been the software giant Apple hoped it would be.

I was interested to see what Generation Y (my generation that has the label of social media junkies by older generations) thought about iOS7. So, I used the power of Facebook and asked people what they thought.

I got responses from “there are annoying bugs with it” or “it looks less professional” to “it seems to run really great and very fast.”

Or my personal favorite, “iOS 7 ruined my life.”

This is a tad bit of an exaggeration, but opinions varied across the board. Answers weren’t event the same among the sexes. Some girls felt differently than others, as well as the guys.

Have you ever signed into Twitter and searched iOS 7? I recommend it because some of the responses are priceless. Interestingly, I did find some statistical data: 71 percent of all iPhones have updated to iOS 7 since its release. Whether the other 29 percent are “missing out” on the update is a good question — and tough to answer for that matter.

But they have been taking note of how other people are reacting to it.

One last Twitter fact from a WCU student who doesn’t seem too disappointed:

Overall, I think people don’t have a problem with the update other than the fact it looks…well outlandish and quite cartoonish. It looks like Apple was trying to take a page out of the Android playbook, much to the displeasure of iPhone users.

Sure, there are plenty of problems, but that is the only surefire thing about technology. I was talking to my roommate about the update (he still hasn’t updated his iPhone by the way) and he said he doesn’t plan to until Apple forces it to happen.

I asked him why and he said he doesn’t like change.

There is a lot of change from iOS 6 to iOS 7. But in time, people will get over it and realize they still have a smart phone that can do practically anything just short of making things explode.

Maybe that’s what the next update will bring?

Stay tuned.