Gaming Club hosts fall LAN

“It’s beautiful when a bunch of nerds can all come together and celebrate the things we love,”  said one student on Saturday when the WCU gaming club converted the University Centers Illusions venue into a hub for all things gaming.
“I love the atmosphere, its amazing” remarked Michael “Kaz-Ka” Huffman, a senior at WCU.

From just after noon until past midnight, nearly 400 gamers from WCU and the surrounding area brought their gaming PC’s and a variety of consoles to compete in 12 different tournaments, eat free food, and enjoy one another’s company.  “It’s literally the only fun I get to have a semester,” said Frank D’Auria, the historian for the gaming club “….there’s a comrade that isn’t found anywhere else I’ve had the privilege of participating in.”

The 12 tournaments taking place on Saturday were of a wide variety of games, ranging from Halo to Mario Kart, and with fighting games making up roughly half of the tournaments held. The most popular tournament of the day was the independently developed “Dive Kick” fighting game, which had over 60 participants.

For more information about the gaming club, including meeting times and information on the next LAN event, you can visit the clubs website or Facebook page.