WCU to host seventh annual study abroad fair

The seventh annual Study Abroad Fair at Western Carolina University, organized by the Department of International Programs and Services, will be held in the University Center Grand Room on Tuesday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Last year there were 450 students, faculty and staff members who participated in the Study Abroad Fair. The International Programs and Services department hopes there will be a growth in this year’s attendance. Everyone is encouraged to come even if you only have five minutes.

The fair allows students who are interested in the Study Abroad Program or want to learn more about it meet the ones running each program as well as students from other countries who are currently studying abroad. Study abroad advisor, John Schweikart said that around 275 Western students study abroad per year and he encourages more people to go.

“It’s just darn fun. Not everything in education should be miserable. It should be enjoyable,” Schweikart said humorously.

According to Schweikart, studying abroad is affordable for students. He mentioned that the price you pay to go to another country for two weeks can be equivalent to studying abroad for 5-6 months because they are able to pay Western’s tuition assuming they do the exchange program, which means that a student goes to another country and another student comes here in return.

When a student studies abroad they are able to get WCU class credits while over-seas. Studying abroad also allows students to make contacts from all over the world. For example, a student may be taking classes in Spain but they have students from Japan and China in their classes.

The Department of International Programs and Services will have a spring International Festival on April 9, 2014.