WCU Confessions: depression, expression, oppression or discretion?

Got something you want to get off your chest but are too afraid to say? Now’s your chance with the new Facebook page, Western Carolina University Confessions.

This social networking page provides an outlet for WCU students to anonymously express their feelings about the university, promote random thoughts and discuss problems with their daily lives in the hope of encouraging others. It is truly amazing how people can come together to help someone even though they may have never met before.

I spoke with the administrator of the Western Carolina University Confessions page via online chat. We both thought it would be best for her to stay anonymous in order to keep the mystery alive, but this is what she said about why she started the page,

“Originally this page started as a way for me to find out about the lives of my peers (anonymously, of course). I saw that other schools had a confession page, and I’ve always enjoyed reading about people’s secrets, so I figured why not start one for WCU as well?”

As she added to the page, it morphed into something much more than just a confession page. It’s a place where people in our WCU community can learn how to relate to each other.

“If you read through the confessions and the comments, you rarely see any negative and/or nasty comments- this community of students really wants to comfort each other. This is a truly caring, loving, and giving campus. I think this page is really helping us come together and realize there are more similarities between us than differences,” said the administrator.

The layout of the page is very simple. To post a confession all you have to do is click on the link in the ‘About’ section of the page, type out your confession, and click ‘Done.’ That’s it! As the administrator stated, this is completely anonymous. You will not be judged for what you post because, to put it simply, no one knows you posted it.

The page has flourished since it began on April 3. As of the time of this article’s publication, the page has more than 2,400 likes and over 1,300 posted confessions.

However, not all of the feedback from students regarding the page is positive. Many students believe the reaction caused by this new page is not necessarily constructive.

“I think it’s just a place to hate on Greek life,” said Kevin Bullock, a member of Theta Xi. His friend and Greek brother, Zach Perry, added, “It’s a place to cause drama.”

“It’s just an excuse for everyone to vent anonymously and act like they don’t already do it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts,” said Kelby Faw.

Regardless of the reaction from students, the Western Carolina University Confessions page continues to garner likes and post more confessions each day.

In the video below, I was able to interview many students across campus to get their opinions on the Western Carolina University Confessions Facebook Page.