“May the 4th be with you”: Free Comic Book Day

Poster on door of Fandemonium

Free Comic Book day is tomorrow afternoon at Fandemonium Comics and More from 11 a.m. to TBD. The event is a publicity feature provided by the comic book industry to endear new and potential comic books fans to it’s growing industry.

“Free Comic Book Day,” Keith Love, owner of Fandemonium says, “Is basically a way to get people into their local comic shops to get people who don’t normally go and those that do as well. You put the word ‘free’ in front of anything and they will come [laughs]. It’s just a way to spread the word and get people to start reading comic books.”

The event is also a costume contest of sorts and welcomes everyone to wear their favorite super hero or super villain style costumes.

Some of the kid-friendly comics available on FCBD (courtesy freecomicbookday.com)

“We have people in costumes every year too and that’s fun.” Love adds, “Kids can come and have their pictures made with Batman or Boba Fett or whoever so it’s pretty neat.”

Love informs that Free Comic Book day will feature some of your favorite comics and also some kid-friendly comics for the young ones as well.

“We’ve got everything from all across the board from Archie and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Superman and everything in between,” Love says.

Exclusive photo of Fandemonium's order form for FCBD showing over 30 available titles

The event is great for Love’s small business. People come in for their freebies but many will stick around for everything else the store has to offer.

“Last year, if it wasn’t our biggest day it was certainly one of our biggest days.” Love says. “It lasts the entire day. We’re gonna open at eleven, be open ‘til at least six and as long as people are here we’ll stay open.”

Free Comic Book Day will welcome comic fans from all around to enjoy one of America’s fastest growing pastimes.