Soul Infusion infuses local community with good times

Soul Infusion was the site of a pretty earthy party on Saturday, April 20. The home-turned-bistro played host to six local bands and housed close to 200 people. The event’s march of musicians featured one band for an hour every hour and included Porch 40, Pearly Peach and Flip Ya For Real.

The tea house is a vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurant and is also a resort for local art, music and spirits. The business has been open since 2001 but the house itself was built in 1929. The Asheville Citizen-Times has reviewed the bistro, commending its “great food” and “friendly atmosphere.”

Soul Infusion has one mission, as they say on their Facebook page: “To infuse souls with love. We do it with our cooking, with our music, with our art, with our atmosphere, using that special ingredient that makes the whole world a brighter place.”

The first people arrived around 4 p.m. and took their seats on picnic tables in front of the stage, a nicely lit, gazebo-style, covered building that proudly flew a flag featuring Animal from The Muppets directly behind the drum set. A group of people waited near the front of the stage before the show began.

“I’m so excited about today!” one of them screamed. “It’s perfect weather for something like this. The sun is out, people are out, and the music is right here!”

As the night went on and the air grew colder, the attendees created a fire pit. The bands sold their T-shirts and other merchandise as the grill side prepared everyone’s burgers and brews. The manager even came out with a tray full of free hot dogs for everyone.

By the time the final band took the stage, the restaurant, patio and fairgrounds were packed with fans.

“It was a great night for business,” said Erica Sharrett, the night’s bartender. “The register hasn’t been quiet all night!”

Charles Ward, the lead guitarist of Flip Ya For Real, had told his friends and coworkers to come check out his show. He was pleased with the turnout.

“It’s great how many people came out to support the show,” Ward said. “I’m glad to see them out on such a wonderful day to come celebrate and hear some great music.”

The event ended at 11:20 p.m. as Porch 40 sent the crowd home happy. Everyone was still in high spirits as they departed. A girl still dancing as she walked to her car yelled, “That was awesome! I can’t wait ‘til the next one!”