WCU Student Government Association gets new leadership

The results are in. Ryan Hermance, last year’s Student Government Association vice president, will be WCU’s new SGA president.

According to preliminary results, 1,482 WCU students (15 percent) voted online or on campus for student body president, vice president and senate on April 8 and 9. The turnout surpassed last year’s 1,300 student votes, with sophomores leading the charge in this election cycle.

Hermence promises to lower tuition, promote SGA advocacy, and keep school safety “at A+ form.”

“My first priority is to keep tuition and fees as low as possible,” said Hermance. “I plan on going to the tuition and fees administration, find out what students want to keep increase as low as possible and make sure the rise goes to where students want.”

Following several recent reports of incidents of assault and attempted robbery on the WCU campus, as reported to the student body by university police via email, Hermance noted that campus safety is one of his concerns.

“As far as the rise on campus violence, generally senators write resolutions for more lighting in dark areas, blue lights,” Hermance said. “I am going to urge administration, the police department, and do master planning about what the school wants to see in the next five years.”

“The election process was very well-organized and put together,” said WCU student Darryl McIntyre, a first-time voter. “After voting it felt like I made a difference.”

To run for president or vice president, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and 2.5 for the semester. They must hold a position in the senate for at least 2 semesters before running for president or vice president. Senators must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA. All candidates are required to answer a series of essay questions and apply at the SGA office.

Jack Stuart came out with a win over vice-presidential candidates Alex Wright and Daniel Riddell.

This year, candidates running for a seat in the senate were voted upon in a large group, something new that the elections committee is doing to make the process easier. Those who received the most votes then chose their own duties as senators.

Over 30 student candidates were up for a seat in the senate, with five freshmen emerging as winners.

The offices of SGA president, vice president and senate are all paid positions. See the full SGA budget here.