WCU students remained in Cullowhee over break

For some students like the women’s and men’s track team, baseball team, softball team, dance team, and cheerleaders having this break all to themselves was out of the question.

Dance team member Dawn Henderson stayed at WCU because of scheduled rehearsals for an upcoming National Dance Alliance (NDA) competition which is being held in Dayton, Florida. Henderson said this is their first time competing at the NDA. Over the break they practiced multiple days over break to prepare for the upcoming event.

Front row (left to right):Ariana Wingo, Nichole Decoskey, Brittany Parker, Kaitlyn Sizemore, Ariel Schnell, Mary Beth King, McKayla Martinez and Allie CrossBack row (left to right): Ariel Hedgepeth, Dawn Henderson, Larissa Capps, Tevin Henderson, Will Stewart, Cody Meadows, Meredith Ivey, Kelby Faw, Shani Searcy. Photo taken by Catamount Athletics


“It wasn’t as much of the practices; it was knowing we have competition in 3 weeks. Whenever my mind drifted to what I could be doing I thought about how much I love to dance, how much I love my team, and how close competition was so I stayed focused.”

Although Henderson managed to slip away to visit relatives in Wingate, NC, she ultimately wished she could have gone home to Henderson,  to lie in her bed and spend time with her family.

“Because it was spring break not having many people here was nice. The point of spring break is to get away and it can be very peaceful, so I like the emptiness,” Henderson said.

Student Michael Robinson had no other option but to remain in Cullowhee due to new car expenses, and he would rather spend his money wisely rather than using all of his saved money to attempt to go a trip he could barely afford.

For those who weren’t aware dinning services were very scarce, remaining students only had the option of eating at Einstein’s from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m.to 2 in the afternoon. Even though Robinson fasts for a certain amount of hours a day we wished Einstein’s was open later to accommodate students who couldn’t eat at those available hours.

Robinson had an interesting view about the deserted campus.

“To be honest I can’t tell a difference. This campus is always dry and dull to me but, maybe it’s because I came from a school that was a lot more student friendly. It gave students the freedom to make campus life fun rather than administration pulling all of the strings. Here at WCU that option is nonexistent,” Robinson said.