Metal Mayhem radio show will blow your mind

Metal Mayhem in the studio. Photo by Kathleen Kiser

Do you crave head-banging metal music but don’t know where you can listen to it?

The Metal Mayhem radio show hosted by Sawyer Anthe and Benjie Stewart comes on Power 90.5 every Saturday night at 8 p.m. If you can’t listen to them on the radio don’t worry because you can also listen live on or on their website.

The show starts out with an intro that will include news on metal and what to expect on the show that night.

The hosts take requests via facebook, email, or phone. They have their set list ready either months in advance or the night before but will make time to play what the listeners want to hear as well.

“We do all kinds of different things, a little something for everyone,” said Anthe.

The show never gets boring because they play many genres of metal including black, death, progressive, power, doom, thrash, and grindcore. A very mellow song can be followed by a hardcore, head banging song.

They are very passionate about expressing that metal is not just a phase but it’s a culture in which you live.

“It’s a culture that a lot of people don’t know about. We aren’t into metal because it’s cool, we’re into metal because we love it and that’s how we’ve grown up and it’s what we do,” said Anthe.

Anthe and Stewart each have different sets that appeal to them, which gives the show even more variety. Stewart likes a lot of genres but prefers Progressive and Swedish death metal, naming Metallica his all time favorite band. Anthe’s favorite genres are Black metal and Power metal, naming Helloween, Blind Guardian, and Iron Maiden as his favorite bands.

Both of them have had a passion for metal music for years and are both musicians themselves. Anthe plays electric guitair, tenor sax, bass guitar, keyboard and drum programming, whereas Stwewart is a drummer and a vocalist. Their love for metal and radio makes their show not only fun to listen to, but they get to enjoy every minute of it while jamming out to it in the studio

People can listen to their radio show all over the world, which is good because there aren’t many radio stations that play strictly metal. Make sure to check out Metal Mayhem every Saturday and support Anthe, Benjie and this genre of music.


Video Kathleen Kiser
Editing Miles Olson and Kathleen Kiser