InFlame heats up the Bardo Arts Center

The Bardo Arts Center hosted a blending of styles Tuesday night, March 12, as world music fusion group InFlame took the stage.

InFlame performing in the Bardo Arts Center.
Photo by Dustin George.

InFlame’s sound is a unique one. Performed by four artists from four different countries, InFlame is a fine blend of traditional Indian classical styles and Hispanic flamenco music.

Comprised of an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, bongos and other kinds of hand drums, InFlame’s blend of Indian classical and Hispanic flemenco music affords the group a bright and vibrant sound that is constantly driving forward. Even when the band appears to be finished, it’s possible to imagine each song continuing to unfold.

At just over an hour long, the concert went over well with the crowd, with two of the songs in particular standing out. One of them was a lullaby about an infant waking up next to its sleeping mother to play before falling back asleep, with the music starting slow and soft, just strings with light taps on the bongos, gradually working its way to a near-frenzy, with loud percussion and guitar sounds filling the auditorium before slowly calming back down to a calm silence.

The finale of the show was an enjoyable display of solid songwriting, improvisation and musicianship, with each member getting their own solo part as well as an entertaining section of call and response between each instrument.

The group’s heavy focus on rhythm and melody throughout the concert was something audience members enjoyed. “I thought it was great,” said Rob Gordon, a WCU sophomore at the event. “They did an outstanding job.”