The Locust Honey String Band jammed with locals

The Locust Honey String Band at WCU's First Thursday Old-Time and Bluegrass Jam Series on March 7 Photo by: Jessica Chester

The Locust Honey String Band was welcomed at WCU on March 7 for the First Thursday Old-Time Bluegrass Jam Series in the Mountain Heritage Center.

Locust Honey performed for an intimate crowed, playing some original songs and cover songs, both featured on their new album “He Ain’t No Good.”

While Ariel, Chloe and Meredith all have their own unique voices; they make such beautiful harmonies when singing together. The talent and ensemble these women portray, makes it hard for any audience member to believe that they have only been a group for a little over a year.

Locust Honey is in the middle of a short tour in the southeast mountains before they head to the Midwest for summer festivals and finally to Europe in the fall.

“It’s the dream,” said Meredith, when asked what it is like to be touring so much this upcoming year.

All three women play musical instruments. Throughout the night, Locust Honey used fiddles, guitars and banjos along with their voices to create beautiful music.

Cullowhee local Terry Crisp playing the Washtub Bass at the First Thursday Old-Time and Bluegraass Jam Series on March 7 Photo By: Jessica Chester

After Locus Honey’s performance, locals from Jackson County gathered on stage for a small bluegrass jam session. Men and women of all ages brought their fiddles, guitars and harmonicas. Terry Crisp from Cullowhee came bearing a Washtub Bass.

“I started playing when I was [little], when I used to take a bath in these tubs,” said Crisp. “Eventually, they would get a hole in them and mountain folk would tie a string to a wooden stick, attach it to the bottom of the tub, and strum. It’s an old sound.”

The Locust Honey women joined in on the jam session, taking direction from other jammers. The jammers and Locust Honey played classic bluegrass songs and some original Locust Honey songs.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else play our songs. Its kind of fun!” said Meredith.


The next First Thursday old-Time and Bluegrass Jam Series date is April 4 at 7 p.m. featuring Phil and Gaye Johnson in the Mountain Heritage Center.