College students biggest break on the rise

Spring Break Alternative: Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Clean Up Volunteers on 2011’s Alternative Fall Break trip help with cleanup efforts after tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa, AL.

The most anticipated break for college students has already started in many  colleges all over the United States.

Western Carolina University’s Spring Break this year is later in the semester, the last week of March, but the weather will hopefully be warmer and plenty of students are already in the planning mode. WCJ’s Facebook and email poll concludes that students are either going to the beach or traveling to different states.

“Spring Break is ultimately a break from classes and a chance to see people I do not see often. Currently, I am planning to travel to New York,” said Becca Ziglar, who sees the spring break as a perfect opportunity to relax and transition to warmer weather.

But not everyone shares her opinion. Some of the WCU students will stay on campus or go back home and work for extra cash. For them spring break isn’t about laying out in the sun and enjoying parties on the beach.

“Instead of asking my parents for money, I’m choosing to work over the break. When I’m not working, I plan on spending some quality times with friends I haven’t seen in a while,” said Briosha Vinson.

Base Camp Cullowhee Alternative Spring Break Trip Photo taken by Christina Jackson

If you are a late planner and are still thinking about what you should do for Spring Break, WCU has several alternative Spring Break options:

Base Camp Cullowhee is offering a Spring Break trip to the Florida Keys from March 24 to 29. This trip includes snorkeling, fishing, relaxing, camping, touring, paddling, and much more. The price for  Wildcats is $435; $450 for students, and $465 for non-students. This covers the expenses for food, lodging, activities, and travel. For more information contact Base Camp Cullowhee at 828-227-3633 or the Base Camp Cullowhee Website.


Alternative Spring Break Trip Photo taken by Christina Jackson

LMP & the Center for Service Learning Alternative Spring Break Trip. Photo by Christina Jackson

Since 2005 The Center for Service Learning has sponsored trips to Nashville, Charlestown, and Tuscaloosa for alternative Fall and Spring Breaks. The Center for Service Learning and LMP are co-sponsoring a volunteer based Spring Break to Baltimore, Maryland for their fifth time from March 23 to 29. The volunteers will get the chance to explore the charm city and work with food banks, Habitat for Humanity, and more NGOs. The Center for Service Learning’s primary focus is to assist organizations who need volunteers for poverty based reasoning. They already have 25 volunteers signed up, and there are still slots available. The trip will cover transportation, lodging, and most meals for $150. For more information,  contact Derald Dryman at ,The Center for Service Learning at , or call 828-227-7184.