Body Art and the Meaning Behind it

First impressions are usually physical and lots of people like to stand out to show their character, individualism, and sometimes that includes body art.

Tattoos are just one representation of originality but have been scrutinized over time. They used to be seen as evil, trashy, or a disgrace by some people but in the past few years tattoos have become more common and less frowned upon.

According to a study, 24 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 are tattooed.

“I think that tattoos are beautiful. It’s a way of self-expression and turning your body (blank canvas) into a unique piece of art. Tattoos take dedication, time, and thought and are, in my opinion, a way to show that you’re strong enough to overcome physical pain and a reminder of something that’s important to you,” said Paige Partridge, 20.

The stereotypes will still continue even though more and more people are getting tattooed and many adults with real world jobs have them.

Some professionals, like doctors and lawyers, have tattoos and it does not affect their performance. Some people may be worried that if their doctor had tattoos then he/she might not be as qualified as other doctors but that is not the case. Having ink on your body does not change who you are, it just makes you more original.

People usually get tattoos that mean something and they want a permanent reminder of it. Others get tattoos because the body is a canvas and tattoo artists can make the ink change the body into an art piece. There are other people who get them just because they can.

“To me, tattoos are an extension of someones creative mind. They are a symbol of someones personality. Tattoos represent art and creativity on a surface that isn’t disposable, they are a commitment and most importantly a personal expression,” said Kayla Beavers, 22.

No matter the reason a person gets a tattoo, it’s a part of them and they shouldn’t be judged for it. Hair color, make up, piercings, and tattoos are all part of representation of a person. It is important for people to express themselves through their appearance and personality and that can include having body art.

I talked with some of my friends to see if I could get pictures of their tattoos with descriptions. All of them were not only willing to share their body art but were excited to have others view it.