Icycle mountain bike event

The WCU Cycling Team traveled to Fontana Village Resort on Saturday, Jan. 26, to participate in the Icycle mountain bike event.

Matt Schumaker, Nick Lacombe and Allen Grosse participated in the sport (intermediate) class of the cross-country race and Schumaker placed third. Tyler Mode raced in the beginner class of the cross-country race. Jonathan Moore raced in the expert cross-country race and the last two members of the team, James Burkhardt and Jeff Arnette, raced in the night downhill race.

This event was the first bike race that Grosse and Mode had ever completed.
“It feels pretty awesome,” said Grosse at the end of his race. He was covered in mud but had a big smile on his face. Mode was ecstatic.
“It was pretty good, dude. I wiped out a lot, but it’s my first race. It was pretty fun. I’d do it again.”

The Icycle mountain bike event was much more than a simple race. The atmosphere was very laid back and friendly. There was free beer provided by Oskar Blues Brewery, and lots of rabid fans. There were firecrackers thrown at downhill racers, bottle rockets lit as bikes flew past and raging bonfires. Below is a slideshow of some of the sights and sounds of the race.