Have you prepared for Doomsday?

By Jessica Duncan and Jenna Englert

Gavin Graves dropped everything to mentally prepare for the end of the world. Photo from his Facebook profile with permission to use.

The million dollar question, when will Doomsday occur? How will the world, as we know it, diminish? There are theories that expand from the earth being swallowed by a black hole, to the rapture, to a gigantic volcano burning the entire earth to a crisp, to a zombie apocalypse. Just as everyone has their own ideas and when and how the world is going to end, everyone has their own ideas on what the proper way to prepare for the so called, Doomsday, is.

National Geographic recently began running a television series called Doomsday Preppers. The show explores people across America and their survival plans if Doomsday were to occur. The show gives expert’s assessments of these people’s plans and rates their chances of survival.

The assessment is rated by food and water supply, shelter, security, and an x factor. You yourself can test how long you would survive a Doomsday through a survey on National Geographic’s website.

While the people on Doomsday Preppers are preparing for Doomsday with material means, former WCU student Gavin Graves is more worried on preparing himself mentally and spiritually.

I first met Graves with my friend Julianne Modjeski outside of the office of the apartment complex that we all lived in. Graves was on his way to pay off the rest of his remaining lease, for he was “dropping out of everything”, including school. He was a friend of Julianne’s and when she asked him what he was going to do, he said “just be.”

Graves went on to explain that he felt the “end was near” and was preparing himself for the evolution of our world.

“We are evolving from the inside out,” said Graves.

Graves is one of the grooving number of “Indigo children” a term coined in 1970’s by Nancy Ann Tappe. The theory grown in popularity in the 1990’s but has never been scientifically proven and some scientists believe it is a way for parents to deal with their children’s disorders. There are many other generations that are a part of this movement as well, such as crystal, and rainbow children.

Indigo Children believe to be born with an elevated spiritual consciousness and a warrior’s spirit. There are adult and children indigo. They are the ones that bring about the changes that will knock down the old world’s systems, and ideally be able to successfully make the transition into the new Golden Age, and the age of the Aquarius. A wealth of spiritual knowledge will now be able to be accessed by humans that they never before have been able to understand.   The key to making it through to the new age in this belief is simply the knowledge of what is about to occur. Before the beginning of the Golden Age, there will be a period of darkness. Some people predict that it will last 30 hours, some three days. Whoever can make it through the period of darkness and stay “in the heart,” will cross over into the Golden Age. To stay, “in the heart” means to simply “be love,” and not give in to fear.  People who think this believe that thoughts  have actual and powerful ramifications in the physical realm. Those who are conscious of this are able to use this knowledge to their advantage and channel energy to manifest things happening. Positive thought creates positive action. Being conscious of this notion, in conjunction with being able to observe and learn from the world around you, (spiritually and physically) is key to elevated spiritual consciousness. Higher spiritual consciousness is what brings you through the dark-age and into the Golden Age.

Graves explains his theories as a combination of the accumulation of knowledge he has gathered over the course of his life.

“Being an “indigo” child, I have always been interested in altering my states of consciousness, and expanding my awareness on any subject I see fit, and recently it has been the study of life, from the most intricate (particle), to the most vast (Quantum),” said Graves in an email message.

When asked specifically how he was preparing for the end, Graves said, “I am more or less just doing what I can to become more spiritual, and more attuned with nature, and seeing things singularly, as opposed to the dualistic state of mind that is so prevalent. December 2012, 11:11 is the awakening, and possible ascension. I don’t need any [explicit] guns, or to stock up on food. I can survive solely off of prana energy, and water.”


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