Western Carolina student prepares to launch music career

Western Carolina junior Dustin “Dutter” Richardson has always had music in his heart. But music hasn’t always come first in his life. The former college baseball player has spent the majority of his life playing the game he so dearly loves. But last spring Richardson gave up on his aspirations of playing in the major league for something he believes is his true calling in life, singing.

“Baseball was a big part of my life for 16 years, but playing days come to an end for everyone at some point. I may have made to the MLB I may not have, but I want to focus my life on something that can be meaningful to others and I believe that my music can do that. It’s something that nobody can take away from me no matter how my career turns out,” Richardson said when asked about his transition of life goals. Richardson has always felt he had the drive to make his dreams come true, regardless the goal “Dream Big” has always been his motto.
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