“Wine To Water” comes to WCU

Nearly 1 billion people today lack access to clean drinking water and 2.5 billion people live in extremely unsanitary conditions. Wine To Water is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing clean water and resources to those that need it most and are constantly overlooked. Western Carolina University has recently teamed up with Wine To Water in order to join in the fight and end the shortage of clean water and unsanitary conditions for those struggling world wide.

The name of the organization is meant to symbolize how the fortunate, (wine) can and should help those who are less fortunate and cannot help themselves (water). In 2004 they held their first fundraiser in Raleigh, North Carolina which was a great success.

In order to raise money they hold wine tastings, and anyone can host a benefit to raise awareness and donate money to the cause. The proceeds of these events are used to drill wells, purchase water filters and educate the local people on how to construct their own filters and access clean water.

At the beginning of November Wine To Water held their first fundraiser here on campus and it was a great success. Students really came out to support this cause and are very passionate about making a difference.

At the event students were educated on how the shortage of clean water is a true crisis and that millions of people suffer and die everyday from water related diseases. There were water bottles for sale and donations were encouraged.

The meeting and fundraiser had a great turn out by students here at Western, it was very encouraging and moving to see so many young people standing behind an organization working to help others halfway around the world.

Now that Wine To Water has a presence here on campus it will be interesting to see just how much progress Catamounts can make when working together to bring clean water and better living conditions to those who need it most.