Motion Makers: “We sell happiness”


Motion Makers is the one and only bike shop in Sylva. Founded in 1986 and currently owned by Kent Cranford, the shop plays an integral role in the cycling community of Western North Carolina.

During the warmer months, Motion Makers hosts a weekly “Tuesday Night Ride”. This ride is an open invitation to all cyclists in the area. It is a 25-mile route with approximately 1,600 feet of elevation gain. It starts at the bike shop and ascends to the Balsam Post Office. The ride is typically more of a race than a leisurely stroll for the faster cyclists at the front of the pack, competing with one another or simply attempting to set a personal best. This ride is a great chance to meet local cyclists in the area, make friends and enjoy some good-spirited competition.

The clientele at Motion Makers is diverse.

“[Motion Makers is unique due to] the variety of riders here, there are the strong road bikers and a growing mountain bike community due to the new trails,” said Nathan Brock, mechanic at the shop. Nathan brings years of experience to the shop, working in bike shops since 1995, and managing Nantahala Outdoor Center for 10 years.

Evan Voss, Motion Makers employee and WCU Graphic Design major is excited about the new trails being constructed on WCU’s new campus as well.

“I think that it’s awesome that the local mountain bike scene is coming together,” said Voss. “If the [Great] Smoky [Mountains National Park] would open trails to mountain bikers like Pisgah [National Forest], it would be great, but the WCU trails are a step in the right direction.”

The employees of Motion Makers are hopeful that the new mountain bike trails in the area will bring more business to the shop, and just as happy to go ride them as everyone else. Motion Makers is located at 552 West Main Street in Sylva and open Tuesday-Friday from 10-6, and Saturday from 10-4.