WCU goes wireless

Residential Living seems to be committed to expanding wireless to all residence halls that currently do not have it as soon as they are financially able as reported by Andy Voelker, Manager of of Student Computing in the Technology Commons.

Wireless is a big concern with students on campus. With the growing trend of smart phones, tablets and other electronics that require wireless many students wish that wireless was more readily available. The cost for this is quite large however, Voelker estimates it to be roughly half a million in order to cover the residence halls with wireless.

Sometimes the issues with wireless has nothing to do with the equipment on campus, the technology simply wasn’t designed for such a haul of 25-30 students in a classroom all on laptops and other wireless devices as stated by Voelker.

In a recent interview with Voelker, he discussed a study they did that showed how important wireless was on campus for students, faculty and staff:

Voelker also reported that he is working on a solution that will allow wireless to be accessible at the catafount by January, and shortly after the clock tower.

The full interview is posted below.