Election watch party a big success

By: Ariel Rymer & Kane Rowell

Faculty and students watching election results. Photo courtesy of WCU Political Science Department.

The election watch party held at the Cat’s Den hosted by the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs received a bigger turn out than expected.

The party included live coverage of the election broadcasted on big screens, political bingo, political family feud, prizes, snacks and drinks.

In the crowd were mix of undergraduate and graduate students along with faculties. In between the TV screens and the games, students and staff debated the results and were constantly refreshing their social media pages.

When students were asked why they were engaged in the election process answers varied.

Jared Gant, a 21-year-old WCU student, said that “the importance of the decision made will influence legislation for many years to come.”

Derald Dryman, a registered Independent, said that Obama’s consistency was crucial for his decision.
“The social issues surrounding this election were important to me. I like Obama because he didn’t flip-flop on these issues like Romney did,” said Dryman.

Jeremiah Mosteller, a political science student and a republican helped organize the event.

“I just want the college students to be more educated,” said Mostller. He was also very involved on campus activities to encourage students to go and cast their vote.

Some of the students we talked with also knew what they want to see their candidate accomplish in this term. Matt Kakos, a registered independent student, had a whole agenda in mind.
“I want to see Obama finish the war in Afghanistan, increase in alternative energy, increase in jobs, no more outsourcing and for us to stop relying on China,” Kakos said.

There was a table full of Romney supporters wearing bright blue Romney shirts. All of them agreed that Obama is taking a wrong turn with America by raising taxes and hurting the middle class. They all believed that every vote matters and they hoped Romney could reduce regulation and balance the budget. Seth Sherrin was concerned about the economy and added that he wants to see “more conservative spending.”
“A lot of money is being spent on Obama care,” Sharrin said.

Kaleb Ticknor, a helper with the watch party, was also impressed with how many students voted at the Jackson County Recreation Center. 200 WCU students were shuttled to vote and 1,305 people voted in the Cullowhee Precinct on Nov. 6 alone. According to the NC State Board of Elections data more then 60 percent of the registered voters in Jackson county voted. Cullowhee is the largest precinct with more then 6000 voters.

The watch party definitely had an overall atmosphere full of dedication, engagement and passion connected to the election and candidates running.